Publications and CV

2019 Aesthesis and Perceptronium: On the Entanglement of Sensation, Cognition, and Matter,
University of Minnesota Press, Posthumanities Series (available for preorder)

Edited Volumes   
2019  Temporalities of the Human Future, book series: Process Thought, De Gruyter (under contract)

Book Chapters
2014 “Pragmatics of Raw Art (For the Post-Autonomy Paradigm)”, in Deleuze and the
Schizoanalysis of Visual Art, edited by Ian Buchanan and Lorna Collins, Bloomsbury

Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

2017 “Beyond the Neomaterialist Divide: Negotiating Between Eliminative and Vital
Materialism with Integrated Information Theory” in Theory, Culture and Society,
forthcoming special issue on the New Materialisms (accepted, in press)

2017 “Techno-Optimism and Rational Superstition”, Techné: Research in Philosophy and
Technology (2017)

2017 “Biosphere, Noösphere, Infosphere: Epistemo-Aesthetics and the Age of Big Data”,
in Parallax. 83 (23-02) April 2017

2016 “Big Data and the Thermodynamics of Discretisation”. In The London Journal of
Critical Thought, Vol. 1, No. 1, 06.2016, p. 61-72.

2015 “Comment choisir ce qui aura été? : Réflexions sur l’optimisme prométhéen
contemporain” in La Deleuziana, No. 2, 12.2015.

2014 “Réticulation et césure: La temporalité de la creation.” in La Deleuziana N.0

2007 “Hinge Dimension: An Exploration of Enaction in Architecture” (with K. Franinovic).
4th International Conference on Enactive Interfaces, Grenoble

Other Articles

2017 “The Denial of Time and the Anthropocene’s Exhaustion of Futurity”

2014 “Why Process is Extrinsic to the Digital Domain

2011 “Corps sans organes et anamneses”

2011 “Performance, Technology, Anamnesis” (Performance Studies International, Utrecht)

Selected Conference Papers
2017 “Temporal Skepticism and the Crisis of Futurity”
Human Futures Annual Conference: Temporality
Aarhus University Denmark

2017 “Temporal Skepticism and the Anthropocene”
Society for Literature, Science, and the Arts,
ASU, Tempe, Arizona, USA

2017 “Techno-Optimism and Rational Superstition”
London Conference in Critical Thought
SBU, London, UK

2017 “Post-Fact Aesthetics”
The Contemporary Contemporary, Aros Museum, Aarhus, DK.

2016 “Life and Pragmatics of Quasi-Causality”
Deleuze Studies, Rome, IT

2016 “Chronopolitics and Technologies of Control”
Control. (SLSA Europe)
Stockholm University, SE

2016 “Biosphere, Noösphere, Infosphere”
Anthropos – Anthropotechnics – Anthropocene: An Encounter Between Peter Sloterdijk and Bernard Stiegler
Radboud University, Nijmegen, NL

2016 “How to choose what will have been?”
Speeding and Braking: Navigating Acceleration Conference
Goldsmiths, University of London

2016 “Chronopolitics, Prometheanism and the Post-Human Narrative”
Non-Human Politics (Conference) Hannover, DE

The Human Sensorium and its Prostheses
Aarhus University, DK

2015 “Chronopolitics and Biotechnology”
Living in the Anthropocene (Speaker Series) *invited
Richmond University, London, UK

2015 “Heat Death: The Thermodynamics of Media, Memory and Mind in the Age of Big
DIGITAL EXISTENCE: Memory, Meaning, Vulnerability
Stockholm University, SE

2015 “Comment choisir ce qui aura été ?”
Académie de philosophie d’épineuil le fleuriel, FR

2014 “Aesthesis and Perceptronium: Experience as a State of Matter”
University of Glasgow, UK
Goldsmiths College, University of London, UK
Sorbonne Nouvelle (Paris 3), FR
Zurich University of the Arts, CH
Tuning Speculation II, York U. Toronto, CA

2013 “Contingent Conspiracies: Art, Science, Philosophy”
Tuning Speculation, Toronto, CA

2012 “Pharmacologie de la boucle”
Académie de philosophie d’épineuil le fleuriel, FR

2012 “Art Médiatique et Anamnèse”
Art médiatique / Nomenclature, enjeux et histoire actuelle
Oboro, Montreal, CA

2011 “Corps sans organes et anamnese”
Académie de philosophie d’épineuil le fleuriel, FR

2011 “Performance, Technology, and Anamnesis”
17th Performance Studies International Conference, Utrecht, NL

2015 La Deleuziana – Issue 1 “Crisis of European Biopolitics”
(eds. Vignola, Baranzoni, Treppiedi, Collett, Marra, Domenicali, Wilson, Dillet)

2016 La Deleuziana – Issue 2 – “Alice and the Mirror”
(eds. Vignola, Baranzoni, Marra, Treppiedi, Nony, Dillet, Wilson, Collett, Domenicali)

Conferences Organized
2018 Bernard Stiegler “Wealth of Internation”, Aarhus University, DK

2017 David Roden “Aesthetics at the Edge of the Human”, Kunsthal Aarhus, DK

2017 “Image And Conflict In The Post-Truth World” with Thomas Hischhorn,
Alexander Wilson, and Mette Mortensen. Kunsthal Aarhus, DK

2016 Deleuze Studies Panel Stream “Countless Life”, with Nootechnics collective,
Rome, IT

2015 London Conference in Critical Thought panel stream: “Noology and Technics:
Algorithmic governmentality, automation and knowledge in the age of the
Digital economy” with Nootechnics Collective, London, UK

2014 GENERAL ORGANOLOGY, Noötechnics Collective, U. of Kent, UK
Keynotes: Maurizio Lazzarato, Bernard Stiegler, Maryanne Wolf, Francesco Vitale, Antoinette Rouvroy

Curriculum Vitae

Academic Appointments
2015 – present Postdoctoral Researcher in Communication and Culture
Aarhus University, Denmark
Teaching: Images and the Real, Aesthetics and Culture, Undergraduate (winter 2018)
Aesthetics and (Post-)Facticity, Comparative Literature, Graduate Workshop
Posthuman Aesthetics, Art History, Graduate Seminar (in tandem with Prof. Jacob
Epistemaesthetics, Aesthetics and Culture, Graduate Course

2011 – 2013 Assistant Professor in Interdisciplinary Studies
Concordia University, Canada
Teaching: Introduction to Digital Media (two years in a row)
Electronics for Artists
Art and Contingency (Aesthetics and Speculative Realism)
Memory, Archive, Trace (Intro to Mnemotechnical Aesthetics)

Administrative: Graduate Admissions Committee: Open Media, 2012 and 2013
Undergraduate Admissions Committee: Intermedia/Cyber Arts, 2012 and 2013
External Examiner: Open Media, 2012 and 2013

2015 PhD UQAM (Canada), Arts
Thesis: Art in the Chaosmos: Individuation, Emergence, Aesthetics
Supervisor: Jean-Philippe Uzel
Committee: Brian Massumi and Bernard Stiegler
Research in Paris supervised by Bernard Stiegler
Institut de Recherche et d’Innovation du Centre Pompidou (2010 – 2011)

2007 MFA Concordia University (Canada), Open Media
Thesis: Architecture of Meaning: signals, space, time.
Supervisors: Erin Manning and Christopher Salter

2004 BFA Concordia University (Canada), Interdisciplinary Studies

Successfully Acquired Funding
2017 Human Futures Research Project Grant: “Chronopolitics, Mnemotechnics and
Post-Fact Aesthetics”

2016 Aarhus University Research Fund Project Grant: “Chronopolitics, Mnemotechnics
and Post-Fact Aesthetics”

2013 CALQ: research & production grant (Ænth: Cosmic Resonator)

2012 CALQ: production grant (Organon)

2010 Canada Council: research & production grant (Organon)

2008 Canada Council: research & production grant (Homo Faber)

2008 Social Sciences & Humanities Research Council Canadian Graduate Scholarship
(Doctoral Fellowship)

2006 FRQSC Fonds de recherche du Québec – Société et culture (Masters Fellowship)

2005 Social Sciences & Humanities Research Council (Canadian Masters Fellowship)

Research Affiliations
2017 – present Aesthetics After Nature (Aarhus University)

2017 – present Contemporary Aesthetics and Technology (Aarhus University)

2016 – present Human Futures Research Programme

2015 – present Post-Human Aesthetics (Aarhus University)

2015 – present Noötechnics (