Alexander Wilson

Projects and Works

Randomness and Prediction: A semi-animated documentary/fiction about novelty and death, chaos and determinism. The film weaves together a series of non-fiction interviews that explore the absurdity of our evental addictions.

Gravity Oscillator Prototype (2020-)

FPGA-based physical modelling. Spring mass system combined with wave table oscillator, somewhat like scanned synthesis, though the FPGA implementation takes some shortcuts. Coded in Verilog HDL, running on a Lattice Ice40 8k, all done with the open source tool chain. Next to do is the analog interface.

cyberSynth (2019)

MPE Synth Prototype

A simple interface without any lcd screens that allows quick access to deep parameters and in particular an intuitive way to quickly map the X, Y, and Z dimensions of the MPE controller onto parameters of the synthesizer. Based on Axoloti and Roli Seaboard Block.

Several programs available including fm synth, wavetable, subtractive, and granular synthesis. The granular synthesis allows one to process external audio. It also features a digital oscilloscope that displays the waveform.

It fits comfortably in my studio.


I am the Observer (2016)
09:27 mins

A film essay on the origins of observation in the cosmos, on the nature of causality and subjective necessity.

Phaedrus (2012)
09:41 mins

While working in Athens in 2011, I began to wonder where the river Ilisos was: that river where Socrates and Phaedrus had their famous conversation. As I soon discovered, it had long since been canalized beneath the modern city Athens had become. We went to see what was left of it, in a vacant lot within the sprawl, and followed the dialogue for clues to where the actual dialogue might have taken place.

Metastases is a film essay on mutation and the coextensiveness of life and death. Premiered October 24th 2009, at Usine-C (Montreal).

Theatre and Works for the Stage

Homo Faber (2010)

Synchronized Light and Sound Works.

ORGANON Theatre La Chapelle (2014)

Directed by Melanie Verville and Alexander Wilson
Performers: Catherine Cédilot, Mélanie Verville,
Live Music: Félix Antoine Morin, Alexander Wilson
Set & costumes: Geneviève Boivin
Media: Alexander Wilson
Lighting: Armando Gomez Rubio

$ymbolocaust (2007)
with K.A.N.T.N.A.G.A.N.O. at Montreal Museum of Contemporary Art (2012)
Social Reproduction Machine (2006)
K.A.N.T.N.A.G.A.N.O. Mutek (2011)