Politics in the Anthropocene


Alexandre St-Onge and I are very pleased to present the 2nd Meeting in Radical Aesthetics,

with distinguished guests Steven Shaviro and Erik Bordeleau.

Politics Anthropocene

Meetings in Radical Aesthetics

Politics in the Anthropocene
The idea is to bring people together and discuss radical, speculative or philosophical ideas about aesthetics on a regular basis. The Meetings in Radical Aesthetics are part conference, part research group, yet informal and open to the public, where participants are asked to be somewhat prepared, and arrived poised for discussion and debate. For each meeting, two artists or researchers are paired up and present a talk on a predetermined theme. This second meeting will bring together distinguished writers and thinkers Steven Shaviro and Erik Bordeleau, around the theme of “Politics in the Anthropocene”.

Steven Shaviro

Steven Shaviro teaches film studies at Wayne State University, and writes about process philosophy and speculative realism, about music videos, and about science fiction. His latest book is No Speed Limit: Three Essays on Accelerationism.

Érik Bordeleau

Erik Bordeleau is a researcher with the SenseLab and he is the author of Comment sauver le commun du communisme? (Le Quartanier, 2014) et of Foucault anonymat (Le Quartanier, 2012). He is currently working on the mode of presence of ghosts, spirits and other surexistential forces in Taiwanese cinema. He has published several articles on cinema and contemporary thought, and collaborates with journals and magazines such as Le merle, 24 images, Inflexions, ETC., Hors-champ, ESSE, Scapegoat, Espai en blanc, etc. He is part of Épopée, action group in collective cinema collective, who directed Rupture (2014) and Insurgence (2012), a cinematic essay about Québec’s most recent student strike.