Homo Faber

Laborers march rhythmically into the factory, as if marching to their deaths. Each department symbolizes an organ of the topological human body: the department of social-reproduction, the digesto-metabolic department, the neuro-spiritual network-administration, the econo-conservative complex, the bureau of expenses and excesses, the desire-machine, the dream complex, the sensory-motor distribution and the semiotic sorting-machine. Various objects and materials are manipulated and altered in the seemingly endless chain of conveyor belts and stations, to which the workers’ bodies are organically fused, like the biological appendages of a living clockwork. In the eternal moments generated by their repetitive gestures the minds of the workers wander into imaginary worlds and thus sacrifice the efficiency of the production. Their imagination overflows into reality, transubstantiating the banality of production with the ecstasy of transcendence. What are they dreaming of? Rebellion, difference, alterity? Their dreams introduce poetic disturbances, to the detriment of the rigid order of mass production.


Conception et mise en scène / Direction: Alexander Wilson et Mélanie Verville
Avec / With : Peter James, Catherine Tardif, Catherine Cédilot, Michelle Parent, Jean-Frédéric Noël
Éclairage / Lighting : Émilie Bélair
Conception sonore et médiatique / Sound and Media Design: Alexander Wilson
Costumes : Yannick Ross, Lise-Anne Simard
Scénographie /Set Design : André Malenfant, Geneviève Boivin
Financé par le Conseil des arts du Canada et Parabolik Guérilla Théâtre

Made possible by the Canada Council for the Arts, Les Écuries, Elektra and Parabolik Guerilla Théâtre