Meetings in Radical Aesthetics: #1 Conspiracy

Alexandre St-Onge and I are pleased to announce the inauguration of a new series of conferences and workshops: the Meetings in Radical Aesthetics. The idea is to bring people together and discuss radical, speculative or philosophical ideas about aesthetics on a regular basis. The Meetings in Radical Aesthetics are part conference, part research group, informal more »


(2007) The Abstract Human lives in an insignifacant world. She moans and whines and suffers the pain of the arbitrary, and abandons herself to the meaningless extacies of the flesh, neutralizes her affects in the seductive unifying forces of the collective. But the perceiver notices this human in particular, is intriguied by an inneffible glimmer more »

Homo Faber

(2009) Laborers march rhythmically into the factory, as if marching to their deaths. Each department symbolizes an organ of the topological human body: the department of social-reproduction, the digesto-metabolic department, the neuro-spiritual network-administration, the econo-conservative complex, the bureau of expenses and excesses, the desire-machine, the dream complex, the sensory-motor distribution and the semiotic sorting-machine. Various more »

The Fine Tuning

An audiovisual installation/performance.(2011) This project is inspired by the “fine tuning” problem of the natural universe, that is, the fact that the constants of our cosmos seem perfectly determined to have produced observers. The fine tuning problem is also related to the anthropic principle, which suggests that by the very act of observing the natural more »

Social Reproduction Machine

(2006) We are invited inside the the back of a moving truck, where the Empire of $ense works tirelessly to inseminate the human with the structure of significance. The subject is seduced by the self-preservative nature of sedimented thought, and gives herself willingly to the empire. Her head is inserted into the testicular station which more »


The performance engages with the concepts of emergence and evolution, and is more specifically concerned with the processes that occur in the interstices between the various levels of organization that make up the complexity we observe in nature, from sub-atomic interactions to psycho-social organizations. The transfer of memory and the acquisition of knowledge (cognition) is more »

Knowledge Exchange Lecture at Goldsmths London

AESTHESIS & PERCEPTRONIUM: EXPERIENCE AS A STATE OF MATTER ALEXANDER WILSON THURSDAY (27TH OF NOV) AT 16h00-17h00, RHB 343 (GOLDSMITHS) ABSTRACT We will look at aesthetics, media, technology, and the analog-digital divide from a materialist and “information theoretic” perspective, with the goal of illuminating the role of experience in the “anthropocene”, the age of ecological more »

General Organology Conference

As a founding member of the Noötechnics collective, I am very pleased about our upcoming conference, General Organology. General Organology The Co-individuation of Minds, Bodies, Social Organisations and Technè 20-21-22 November 2014, University of Kent, Canterbury, UK. Download Programme Conference Register Online (for both guests and speakers) Marking the 20th anniversary of the publication of more »


Reconfigurable architecture, collaboration with Karmen Franinovic, 2007 Written: Hinge Dimension: An Exploration of Enaction in Architecture, Proceedings of 4th International Conference on Enactive Interfaces, Grenoble, 2007. Video documentation: Directional Spatial Organization and Static Architecture Participants Moving Architecture   Dead-end streets do not exist! The city’s architecture is in your hands: move its boundaries, walk through more »